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markt en stadhuis middelburg

Middelburg is the capitol of the Dutch province of Zeeland. Middelburg lies a stone’s throw away from Rotterdam, Breda, Ghent and Antwerp. Façade 2022 takes place in the city centre. Middelburg is easy to reach by both public transport and car. The town (as well as the surrounding towns and villages) are full of accommodations that make this an ideal destination for a city break or holiday.

Middelburg has ample accommodation and you can enjoy a lovely stay in the surrounding villages and towns as well.

How to reach Middelburg
By car: From the A58 folow Middelburg centrum.

dam middelburg

In Middelburg centre, a parking fee is charged. There are five parking garages on the following locations:

Achter de Houttuinen 12
Het Groene Woud 1
Kousteensedijk 1

Public transport
Middelburg can easily be reached by car and public transport. The NS train station and the bus station are both situated at the edge of the city centre. All locations of Façade 2022 are therefore within walking distance. Planning your public transport trip:

Locations Middelburg
Façade 2022 is realised by CBK Zeeland. Contact info:

CBK Zeeland Balans 17
4331 BL Middelburg, the Netherlands
+31 (0)118-611443 

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